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Pieces care

Respect the beauty of your pieces


Tips to preserve its original shine 

  1. Avoid contact with abrasive products or hypotheses, namely cosmetics (creams, makeup and sunscreens), detergents or perfumes.
  2. Avoid other chances of excessive wear, which happen, especially in the case of rings.
  3. Pack the parts carefully to avoid friction. Leaving your pieces outdoors, without any kind of protection, leaves them more exposed and susceptible. We recommend that you do not store multiple items in a single bag because excessive movement and friction can cause items to become marked or damage them.
  4. Do not play sports with the pieces. Sweat and chlorine do not contribute to the durability of the parts.
  5. Do not use in sea or pool baths, salt and chlorine accelerate the oxidation process and the gold loss bath in the case of golden silver.
  6. Clean parts occasionally with a soft, dry cloth.



Silver is a noble material, starting with the proportion of silver in the products: Silver 925 contains 92.5% pure silver and only 7.5% other metals. This means a lot of value and purity in each piece developed. The 925 mark on each piece indicates the quality of the silver and its compliance with international standards.

It is natural for silver to oxidize and show a darker color after a certain period of use. But a simple cleaning helps to recover the original characteristics of the piece.

A great tip is to put a piece of chalk or a silica bag in your jewelry box to help absorb moisture.


Once the gold bath is applied to the surface of the pieces, cleaning products cannot be applied. To preserve the baths of each jewel as much as possible, you should clean only with a dry cloth without rubbing. And please don't forget that sometimes your skin's pH may increase as gold-plated jewelry changes.



Steel is more resistant than silver and can be used even on the beach and in swimming pools. However, although it is a resistant material, it can in some cases damage, be especially careful with jewelry with very smooth surfaces, more susceptible to scratches.