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How to choose the ring size?

At Sute Jewelry the rings are generally adjustable, however we always leave an indication of the minimum and maximum adjustment limits in terms of internal diameter in each ring.

To help you understand if the ring will fit your fingers, we have left two ways to determine the size.


There are two ways to determine the best ring size for you


1. Measuring your finger's perimeter

Place a ribbon or string around your finger and mark the perimeter of your finger (in millimeters), without leaving a gap. Measure the distance between the two points on a ruler.


RING SIZE TABLE by Finger Perimeter


10 13 15 19 22 25
50mm 53mm 55mm 59mm 62mm 65mm



Measuring the inner diameter of a ring you have. 


You can also use the diameter of your ring to confirm the size. Measure only the inside of the ring (do not measure the limits of the ring) and check that you are measuring exactly in the middle of the ring.


RING SIZE TABLE by Ring Diameter


10 13 15 19 22 25
1,5cm 1,6cm 1,7cm 1,8cm 1,9cm 2,0cm




The measurements shown correspond, respectively, to the perimeter and diameter of the finger and not to the outer size of the ring.